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The JN Outreach Foundation, Inc. is a local minority woman owned nonprofit multi-purpose human service corporation that offers the community members an opportunity to tap into quality and effective resources and services that will create and build a stronger foundation based on self-preservation, self-improvement, accountability, and positive contact with other diverse members of the community.

A healthy perspective, balance and accountability are the stepping stones to a strong foundation and are a necessity in all areas of life. If we the people are truly going to make a difference in our inner circle and our community (our surroundings) we must create, find, maintain, and impact Balance; which always equates to accountability and will lead to a healthy perspective.


JN Outreach Foundation, Inc. vows to make accountability a priority and will strive to ensure that all involved parties and participants are continually receiving and practicing humility and extending human kindness!

There are many resource available, yet many times people find it difficult to ask for assistance, locate services, or meet the fine print qualifications or inferred social standards. As a result, many community members miss out on great resources due to the following factors: pride, trust, confidentiality issues, fear of the unknown, and judgement.


Our goal is to meet the need, make the connection, and provide support to all participants and those within their circle.


The JN Outreach Foundation, Inc. is committed to offering the members of the community a positive perspective and demonstrating the continued possibility of seeking and achieving new opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Our Mission

To empower the community members and offer them an opportunity to improve their situation and evoke change by taking advantage of services and resources that will shift their perspective, create change, demonstrate human kindness, and meet their needs as it relates to being treated with respect, obtaining food and clothing, partaking in learning opportunities, and being exposed to positive energy in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.


The JN Outreach Foundation, Inc. has identified these as key principals that are critical for the community members who are on a fixed income, considered working poor, under privileged, considered as outcast, or who are in a transitional stage of life.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The goal of the JN Outreach Foundation, Inc. is to meet the need, make the connection, and provide support to  the community by providing consistent free and/or low-cost services as well as offering quality resources to the community that will promote improved relationships, self-awareness, increase self-esteem, encouragement, and character. 

Our Commitment: The JN Outreach Foundation desires to inspire the community to seek self-preservation, become familiar with tangible resources, to be more accountable to fellow members of the community, and not to exclude people/relationships based on race, ethnic background, economic status, educational level or gender.

Our Responsibility: The JN Outreach Foundation will empower and encourage members of the community to connect with others and build a stronger, safer, and resilient community environment.

The Possibility: The JN Outreach Foundation is committed to offering the members of the community a positive perspective and demonstrating the continued possibility of seeking and achieving new opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of others.

The Support: Change as well as success requires ongoing support. The JN Outreach Foundation is committed to providing a consistent support system for the members of the community and those who partake in the services offered.

The JN Outreach Foundation offers services for members of the public who have found themselves in an unfortunate situation (homeless, jobless, economically / emotional stressed etc), who are seeking to improve their current living and or work situation, and those who are seeking to create, find, maintain or impact a healthy life balance. 

The JN Outreach Foundation expects to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future as well as the community for which they live or frequent. The long-term goal of the JN Outreach Foundation is to empower the members of the community to be more aware of the available resources, to become more accountable, to remove excuses that have led to them down the wrong path, that have caused poor judgment, that have resulted in low self-esteem, that have caused them to suffer from mental or physical depression, or that have resulted in them to causing undo harm to themselves and others.

Our Services

Meeting the needs of the people by providing the services listed below at low-cost or no cost to all members of the surrounding community.

  • Conduct workshops that do the following: promote balance and prioritization, develop computer and technology skills, inspire creativity and stress reduction, provide tips on obtaining/maintaining a job, reiterate the importance of accountability, focus on the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating, and introduce practical methods to maintain, provide information on various local resources, and take care of a family on a fixed/low income.

  • Distribute food, clothing items, and hygiene products throughout the various community neighborhoods to include the working poor and homeless throughout.

  • Make technology available by offering use of computers, internet, and various office equipment such as facsimile and printers.

  • Provide information on Interviewing/ job seeking techniques, business attire, and hygiene.

  • Adult Literacy Program

  • Life Skills Coaching ​​

  • Provide Educational Resources such as:

    • Adult tutoring (basic reading, writing, and math)

    • Teen homework resource center

    • Arts and Crafts

    • Basic software knowledge (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet)

    • Smartphone Usage

    • Finance Management

    • Health and fitness

    • Personal self-care Techniques

    • Organization and Efficiency Tools/ Services

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