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Community Adult  Learning Program

In line with the goals of JN Outreach Foundation the CALE Program will empower the community members and offer them an opportunity to, shift energy, and evoke change by encouraging positive thinking, role modeling good decision making, acknowledging the power of education, demonstrating core values, capitalizing on life experiences, and introducing a renewed perspective on life via the Adult Learning Component.

CALE Program Summary

This program will offer more than reading and writing skills. The program will continuously promote balance and prioritization, develop face-to-face communication and technology skills, inspire creativity and stress reduction, provide tips on obtaining/maintaining employment, reiterate the importance of accountability, focus on the importance of good habits, as well as being a productive member of the community. In keeping with our community commitment, the JN Outreach Foundation is dedicated to the promotion and support of bringing awareness to increased literacy within the community.

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CALE program description

  • Many literacy programs are designed based on the standards or ideas of people who want to do good for others. Yet those programs often fail to concentrate on the real needs and expectations of the student. The Community Adult Learning Empowerment Program has been developed with the student as the priority. JN Outreach Foundation recognizes the motivation of the student does not come from what people think they should have but from what the student views as necessary to their life.

  • Our literacy program will offer the learner (age 18 and up) competence and confidence. While learning is at the forefront we will highlight the fact that the decisions that they make as related to learning will dictate the success of their future, the retention of their newly acquired skills, as well as their freedom to freely and effectively communicate with others.


CALE will aim to empower the student to:

  • Improve their employment situation

  • By gaining more responsibility within their jobs, becoming more competent at what they do, being promoted, finding a better job or career, or just being able to work at all.

  • Be better parents, spouses, and family members

  • By reading to children or helping them with homework, keeping better contact with relatives who do not live local, even writing love letters to husbands or wives were all cited as reasons for learning to read and write better.

  • Be better citizens, community members, and overall better people.

  • By having the ability to be able to read about and understand the issues in political campaigns or local controversies, so they can make their own reasoned decisions, and be able to work in their communities to influence or change the things they care about.

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In a CALE classroom the following will occur?

  • Present material and education in general in a way that is fresh and relatable to each student.

  • Encourage students to see the value of their own life, their experiences knowledge, and apply that data to the learning process.

  • Relate learning in the classroom (n person or virtual) to the real world, and encourage the learner to apply and practice what they are learning in a meaningful way.

  • Include critical, analytical, and creative thinking/decision making skills.

  • Allow students to set their own reachable short-term and long-term learning goals, and assist them in developing plans to reach those goals.

  • In the event of a group situation, encourage learners to teach one another while building group/individual support.

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