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Session 7: (7.09.22)
Conflict Resolution

We started the morning with a final review on hygiene and the importance of washing of hands, closing the lid when flushing, and being aware of the danger of germs all around us.

Shortly after, Ms. LaTasha Knighten worked with the teens on an important topic that all humans need, Conflict Resolution. There was a great lengthy interactive conversation accompied by role play and a deep look at roles, accountability, the importance of conversation, the need to use words to explain emotions, the reason behind inserting a cooling off period, and knowing when to walk away. 

The tools the teens learned during this session will help them be better children for their parents/guardians, better friends, and better citizens.While they may not apply each of the tool we (the JNO Facilitators) feel confident that the teens will be able to work through conflict and make better choices should situations arise at home, at school, at work, and in life in general.

Each teen received a 30-Day Teen Journal (Rejuvenation of Mind, Body, & Soul for Teens) and the girls receieved a copy of Pretty Good Advice to help them document their journey, review their past, figure out emotions, and plan for a stress free future.

After the role play,we were definately hungry so we walked down to All Good Pizza where we ate outside and took the opportunity to laugh, joke, talk, and learn more about each other.

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