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Session 8: (7.23.22)
San Francisco DeYoung Museum

Our day had a slow start but it turned out GREAT. 

We arrived at the Museum and were greeted with love by the staff (It helps when your mom is the Security Supervisor). We had our tickets printed and we were off and running. We had access to the entire museum but we spent the most of our time at the Quilt Exhibit and the Arts of Africa. There was so much history in that one building. Prior to arrival each teen was tasked with finding or noting 3 areas of interest, conflict, or confusion. The teens paired up and we met up at the Obama Photo Room. We had the opportunity to watch a video that gave us insight to the artists who painted the photo's and the reasons for various elements of the photos.  After about 2.5 hours we gathered in front of the museum to review our findings and discuss our experience. It was chilly outside but well worth it as we exchanged our ideas, opinions, and challenges about the visit.

Unfortunatley, two of our teens were unable to attend and they were truely missed!

After all that walking, talking, and seeing it was time for EATING.

We headed over to Buffalo Burgers and let me tell you it was worth the wait. Great service,  good food, and excellent family style conversation. As usual, we enjoyed and left full. 


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