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My name is Jacqueline Norris, Founder of JN Outreach Foundation. In 2020 my team conducted a business search and we discovered that there was no physical location where the community could go to safely and comfortably have documents notarized within the Bayview or Sunnydale Area. In 2021 I established JN Notary & Professional Services where our goal is to meet the Notarial and Administrative needs of various clients within the Bay Area. Our overall mission is to provide exceptional notarial services when and where it is requested. We are blessed to say that currently we are the only Notary service with two stationary offices within the Bayview and portola area where the elderly and other members of the community can come and feel safe while obtaining Notary services. In addition, we offer mobile services to assist those clients who have a difficult time leaving their home, getting around, or simply seeking in home convenience. In compliance with our Community Service policy, senior residents of  the Bayview  community will receive a discount on Notary services if in fact a difficulty or financial hardship is present or disclosed.

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My Story

Born and raised in San Francisco, Human Resources Professional (30+ yrs), Entrepreneur (8+yrs), Author (5+yrs), Crafter (8+ yrs), Inspirational Speaker (8+ yrs), Teacher/Educator/Life Coach (8+ yrs), Loan Signing Agent (2+yrs), Wife, Mother of five, Grandmother of four, Cancer survivor, Christian and recent retiree of City and County of San Francisco as a Human Resource Analyst with 14 years of service.


Graduated from Immaculate Conception Academy in 1989 (GPA 3.85), PHR certified in 2003, received AA Degree in Communication in 2011 (GPA 3.70), BS Degree in Management in 2014 (GPA 3.65), and Masters in Adult Education in 2016 (GPA 3.91).  


Author of Impacting Lives and Making a Difference (2018), My Prayers Have the Power to Make a Difference (2019), Rejuvenation of Mind, Body, and Soul for Teens (2020), On Sunday Morning (2021), and Making Time for Self (2022).


Owner of Jaaz Creative Designs featuring handcrafted greeting cards and jewelry established in 2015.

Founder and Executive Director of JN Outreach Foundation, Inc. (501c3) officially incorporated in 2018. We host various empowering programs that help to build and strengthen the members within the community.

Co-Founder of Inspired Faith Productions (2018)

Host of Jaaz Nspiration Cafe Podcast (2021)

Owner of JN Notary & Professional Services (2021).


To make an appointment or ask questions: 415-444-6622

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