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2020 Accomplishments

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The JN Outreach Foundation is proud to say that with the help Community donations we were able to achieve the following from January 2020 thru October 2020:

· Distributed over 325 plates of home cooked meals to the homeless and 38 meals to local seniors in the San Francisco Bayview area.

· Distributed clothing with an estimated value of $5K and blankets to the homeless and 2 local shelters.

· Provided appreciation gifts to 110 educators and paraprofessionals in recognition for their service and dedication to educating our future leaders at 5 elementary and middle schools within the Bayview and Visitation Valley area.

· Distribute via mail 175 packages of Spiritual literature in March 2020 as a result of COVID-19.

· Hosted a conference call line where people from all over the US can call in to participate in religious services 7 days a week (eff March 2020).

· Paid for secure hotel rooms for 3 to 5 nights for 3 adults (1 of which was a pregnant woman) who found themselves homeless prior to COVID-19.

· Assisted 2 men and 1 female who were considered "working poor" with residential rental placement.

· Established a structured private Literacy Program for 4 adult men who were previously incarcerated.

· Provided effective resources for local residents dealing with depression, mental health, family issues, family death, and domestic violence in-person and via the call line with a session titled “Let’s Talk”.

· Provide administrative assistance to 3 San Francisco businesses who were struggling during the Shelter-In-Place.

· Provide career services, resources, and/or assistance for 10 community members.

· Completed the renovation of our headquarters, which is located in  the San Francisco Bayview area.

As you can see the JN Outreach Foundation has been very busy over the past fews months and we anticipate those numbers increasing during 2021. We are hoping that you will join us as we continue our work in the community to build a stronger foundation.

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