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2024 The Family

This year JN Outreach did not host a Teen Success Program. However, we did interact with a small group of  teens from June Jordan School for Equity (JJSE), they call themselves “The Family”. Their  High School journey began online due to COVID 19 but as the situation changed, in-person sessions resumed. It was then that the family bond began. They vowed to stick together and to ensure that each member succeeded in class, in relationship,  as well as in physical and mental wellness.

Through a complex list of challenges, struggles, and obstacles I am proud to say that “The Family’ withstood the test by supporting each other, by being open, by being non-judgmental, by listening, by showing up no mater what, and most of all by respecting each other’s boundaries. There were many things that they learned in class during the school year but it was truly a blessing to witness “The Family”  constantly display the JJSE RICH values: Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Humility. They sacrificed for each other, and they took the opportunity to create change with their voices and their hearts.


JN Outreach was honored to have the opportunity to be involved, to engage, to share, to love, to exchange laughs, and provide support as extensions to their biological families.

Now that graduation is in their rear view, we look forward to continuing our support for “The Family” as they embark on new adventures that include City College, Trade School, out of State University, Employment, and life in general.

Join us as we encourage them with their own words, “Family is about the community you create” continue to strive for success, do your best, do not be afraid to ask for help, and most of all keep God first.

Blessing and love to “The Family” also known as Tony, Chris, Walae, Rikki, Gabe, and Stephanie!

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