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A Saturday in the Bayview

Today (9/2/23) Richie fixed 50 hot meals and hand distributed them between Palou and McKinnon in SF. He also opened the foundation had me use my non-retail magic to hang up women clothes (which were donated) and lay out underwear (M/F), shoes (M/F), hygiene bags (M/F), socks (M), tampons, binders, greeting cards, and some religious figurines for the community to take for Free.

I see it as good for the community but it hits different for him because for him he has the opportunity to meet the need & feed people who fell on hard times or are in a situation, specifically people he went to school with, people who knew his parents, his friends siblings/parents, & people who remember him as a kid.

I'm honored to say that love and compassion are key principles for JN Outreach Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who donated clothes and money for food.

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