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Answer the Call

At 9:44 AM on 10/28/23 my baby sister (Heshima Hardy) calls and asks what time were we (JN Outreach) going to deliver the food to the my head I'm like nobody told you that was the plan. Then she continues to say "Oh I was gonna invite you to my church (Calvery Hill) because I want people to know about JN Outreach".

I espond with, "Ok cool...when is that event?" She responds with this morning at 10. What time can you get here? What the heck???.

I wanted so bad to say no but I didn't have an excuse and more so I didn't want to let her or God I jumped in the shower and arrived by 10:45AM.

Oh goodness!! She left out a FEW key details. I get there, set up and the host says, "We want to welcome or next SPEAKER Jacqueline Norris"

Ummm..heart about to pop out my chest....nevertheless, God fed me the words. It was a breast cancer awareness event (approximately 30 women) so I talked about my thyroid cancer, being aware of your body, not being overly independant/prideful, God's healing powers and of course my businesses.

A good time was had by all.

Final point....step out on faith and be never know how and when God will use you to help/direct his people.

I unexpectedly met some amazing, gifted, and loving Christian women!

Thank you Lord for this Journey.

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