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Bay Area Teen headed to Jackson State University

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

We are so proud of and excited for Amariyeh McCulllough, a Bay Area resident who attended Wille Brown Middle School and Philip Burton Highschool. We were recently informed that he has been accepted to Jackson State University in Mississippi. While in highschool not only was he focused on his academic achievements he was also a tri-athalon (Football, Basketball, & Track).

The 2nd week of August 2022 with his dad (Norflis McCullough) by his side he will travel from the Bay Area and begin his college journey down South to pursue a degree in Engineering. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer him a $250 Scholarship which can be applied towards books or dorm expenses.

A black man's journey may be filled with obstacles and challenges but with a strong support system in place to provide love, prayer, sound advice, encouragement, and cultural wisdom he can overcome and become an outstanding leader and use previous obstacles and challenges has a testament to his faith and mental strength. Amariyeh, JN Outreach is proud to be apart of your journey!

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