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Propane Exchange Program

Not all unhoused people literally live on the street. As a result of Covid many people lost thier homes / housing and found themselve living in thier vehicle. Some are able to manage / secure a job and some have not been as fortunte. At JN Outreach we aim to meet the needs of the community. Living in a RV generally means there is an ability to use a stove and access heat but that requires a device, propane tank. In the month of December 2022, JN Outreach initated a propane exchange program. We will exchange the empty propane tank for a full one on the spot or we offer a mini tank to use until we are able to fill the tank or replace it with a new one. We are proud to say that we have received good feed back from the unhoused communities that we serve.

In this one particular community, one RV cooks for the entire group and they all eat together (from whatever they manged to come up on). We had given the man 10 Pork chops, 12 Burger patties, 24 Chicken wings, various seasonings, chips, and bread. Later that day we drove back by the site, he had pitched a huge tent next to his camper and the people were able to go inside to get food and eat while it was raining. Just in driving by we could see the people eating and chatting. As we always say, together we an make a difference!

If you would like to donate to the Propane Exchange Program to help keep a family warm and to reduce hunger click the box below

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