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Thank You!

JN Outreach would like to thank all of the facilitators and businesses that participated in our Teen Success Pilot Program. Things went so well, we recently added six additional sessions and we are super excited to continue to serve our teens and our community. We pray that the skills, activities, conversation, and off site trips will continue to manifest in the thought process, attitude, and actions of our teen participants.

To all of you who donated money, food, time, and prayers we could not have put together and completed the TSS program without you. If you want to send a tax-free donation to JN Outreach you can do so by going to our website at or contact one of our representatives for assistance.

If donation is not your thing, no worries, please like, friend, and or share our new FB or twitter @jnoutreach page as that will bring attention to our services and allow us to continue to meet the need of the surrounding communities. We can also be found on IG @JN_Outreach.

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