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Session 1: Quick Cooks (4.9.22)

Ms. April Edwards  was  our first facilitator. She presented Quick Cooks, which included a hands-on demonstration (How to cook Prawn Fried Rice)  and conversation related to the importance of home cooked meals and family time. Lunch Provided by Mendocino Farms located at 90 Charter Oak, San Francisco, CA 94124.

Social & Emotional Topics:

 Suicide, Family, Communication, Respect, Worthy awareness, Importance of collaboration, Unity via food, Importance of using your words, Relationships, Parents/Teachers, Safety, Decision making, Technology, Mistakes being a part of life, Writing your thoughts, & Self expression.

Cooking Topics:

How to cook pasta,  Boiling vs Simmering, How to clean a pot and a cast iron skillet, Cleaning a stove and the eyelets, How/why to clean a porcelain vs stainless steel sink, When to use steel wool vs SOS pad, Hand washing after touching meat, How to handle garlic, How to properly drain liquid from a pot, Chopping food, the Purpose of different types of  salts & What to cook in what pot.

Breaking Bread Segment:
Richard Norris, Jr.

No More Drama Segment:
April Edwards

Each participant  received a to go bag which included ingredients to cook 3 full meals using the learned skill (hamburgers, tacos, and spaghetti).

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