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Session 3: Life Story Elements (5.14.22)

Another great weekend session. JN Outreach Foundation partnered with an educator who has 18 years of public school teaching under her belt. Kristy Morrison, aka Momma Mo, has taught over 3000 teens in San Francisco and has reached more hearts than we can count.  Teen Success Solutions Program was excited to have her at the JN Outreach headquarters and in her element.


This was a powerful soul searching mini workshop. The teens were given time to 1. think and write about situations in their life, 2. talk about long term and short term goals, 3. have a brief discussion on self control, 4. gain understanding of the various types of conflict and how to  perceive the result as a lesson vs a failure. This session also allowed us to take a deep dive into the difference between Self-confidence vs Self- esteem during the review of the core details of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.   "


"Life Story Elements" was packed with tools that the teens can use going forward that will hopefully allow them to make better decisions, address trauma events, and identify the why's from their past. A big take away was the need for self love and knowing your worth!


A lot was unpacked in a limited amount of time and yet we still found time to celebrate the 17th birthday of one of our participants (Ereese Beverly).



Breaking Bread


Food is a critical part of our healing and another way in which we extend  and receive LOVE!


Nachos and Burritos

Turkey - Beef

Radishes - Tomatoes

Limes - Onions

Cilantro - Sour Cream

Lettuce - Cheese


JNO has a great team of volunteers!   


 This week the teens were able to pick a shirt and a design color of their choice. LaTasha & Heshima turned the teen's selection into a finished product right there on-site.

(in our mini Sweatshop).


At JNO we do it all

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