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Session 5: Entrepreneurial Trip (6.11.22)

For this session we took the teens to Austin Press at Pier 70 to meet with Ms. Kim Austin. It was an enlightening trip. Ms. Austin explained her business, showcased her products, as well as the equipment used to create the products. We had a chance to see a printing press and cutting machine from the late 1800’s. We talked about the advancements in technology and the art of old school methods. She demonstrated how the printing press, cutting machine, and foiling machine worked. It was interesting to discover that Ms. Austin purchased and taught herself how to use/repair each machine without assistance.This conversation led us to the importance of knowing who you are, developing your skills, and following your passion. These are skills the teens can apply when selecting colleges, planning a career, opening a business, and building relationships.



After the printing press we moved to candle making. Ms. Austin showed us the three forms of wax (brick, shaving, and pellet), the machine used to melt large quantities of wax, the various vessels for pouring, and the wax components. Ms. Austin explained the candle making process and how to create various scents. We reviewed the ingredients and compared them to what you might find at major retail stores. At that point, we discussed marketing, business models, and pricing strategies.


Austin Press was a clean working environment, it was soothing, calming, and artistic. It was the perfect place for creating and processing. At the end of the trip, the teens were given soy candles with a mild scent to take home.

Time to eat – We drove a few blocks down and went to the Dog patch Mission Bay food  trucks located near the UCSF campus.


Breaking Bread

Good food and good conversation

to end our day.


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