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TSS Program Goal

In line with the goals of JN Outreach Foundation the Teen Success Solutions (TSS) Program will empower community members and offer them an opportunity to, shift energy, and evoke change by encouraging positive thinking, role modeling good decision making, acknowledging the power of education, demonstrating core values, capitalizing on life experiences, and introducing a renewed perspective on life via positive interactive workshops and wrap around services within their reach.

TSS Program Summary

Offer the community members an opportunity to tap into quality and effective resources and services that will create and build a strong foundation based on self-preservation, self-improvement, accountability, and positive contact with other diverse members of the community as it relates to promote improved relationships, self-awareness, increase self-esteem, positive encouragement, character, and the desire to attend college.

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TSS Objectives:

  • Expose youth to alternatives and various opportunities to better themselves and family situation

  • Expose youth to the idea of business development or trade using learned skills

  • Tap into safe and respectful self-expression techniques

  • Shift perspective and mindset

  • Create a learning environment where youth can develop and utilize communication and listening skills daily

  • Encourage youth to be confident and secure enough to strive to reach future goals regardless of environment and skin color.

  • Provide access to training and facilitators in a designated safe location to help the participant expand their basic life skill needs as well as educational opportunities and or initiatives.  

Fists in Solidarity

TSS will:

  • Produce and deliver Interactive, fun, supportive, and engaging workshops.

  • Provide and environment that is teen centered, creative yet structured and organized.

  • Inspire participants to be respectful and creative regarding self- expression.

  • Be the sounding board for teens and young adults as it relates to new ideas/concepts/cultural experiences.

  • Be inclusive and sensitive towards all genders, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and economic status.

  • Help participants be better citizens, community members, and overall better people.

  • Offer additional resources outside of the  program sessions as needed.

  • Guardian Support Services


TSS Facilitated Activities:

  • Bi-monthly unique interactive learning workshops to be held every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10AM to Noon

  • Workshop Topics: 1) Communication/Conflict resolution 2) Basic Life Skills/Hygiene 3) Self-sufficient Techniques 4) Entrepreneur Thinking/Credit Building 5) Resume Basics 6) College Pathway 7) Safety (Sex trafficking, drugs, child abuse, CPR) 8) Quick Meals/Cooking Training etc.

  • Field Trips: 1) SF DeYoung Museum, 2) Angels Camp –overnight retreat, 3) 1 day fishing trip (Trips may extend past 2 hours)

  • Grab Bags (per participant): 2 Movie tickets, Hand sanitizer, Face masks, Covid test Kits, $40 Food Package, 3 Program T-Shirts, $50 Cash, $20 Gift Card (Target), and more.

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