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Voting Knowledge Resource Center

From June 15, 2024 through October 15, 2024 JN Outreach offers voter registration resources that focus on good decision making, acknowledgement of the power of voter education, the importance of social support and communication, community accountability, the need to demonstrate healthy role modeling and an introduction to a renewed perspective on opportunities for all local  San Francisco communities  via positive interactive training,  workshops,  and community meetings.


The JN Outreach voter registration resource program aims to empower the community members and offer them an opportunity to shift energy and evoke change by encouraging positive action while addressing social factors such as community accountability, economic development, unity and exercising their voting power.

This program is designed for community members who are seeking to improve their living or work community as well as those who are seeking to create, find, maintain, or impact a healthy life within their community for their community!

"Our ancestors, fought for this very moment!


They displayed the same RICH values  as June Jordan School for Equity: Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Humility.


They sacrificed so that every generation to follow would have the opportunity to create change with their voice and their vote."     


                                                                              -Rikki Norris 2024


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