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Senior Services

We know that there are many resources available, yet many times people find it difficult to ask for assistance, locate services, or meet the fine print qualifications or inferred social standards. As a result, many community members miss out on valuable resources due to the following factors: pride, trust, confidentiality issues, fear of the unknown, and judgement.


Our overall objective is to meet the need, make the connection, and provide support when and where it is required to community members who are on a fixed income, considered working poor, under privileged, re-entry candidates, considered as outcast, or who are in a transitional stage of life.

Nurse with Patient

In Home Service

There are various benefits or reasons for selecting JN Outreach as your In-Home Support Service provider. The majority of our clients are 80+, suffering from physical and/or mental decline, have trouble walking, standing, or feeling unsteady, missing/forgetting to eat meals, trouble maintaining proper hygiene care, unable to take care of household chores such as laundry, cooking, light cleaning etc., forgetting to take medication, missing or having trouble getting to medical appointments, and feeling lonely or being isolated which is the most prevalent reason.

Our care team offers a wide range of In-Home Support Services to include but not limited to the following: Post Hospital, Hospital/Night companion, Memory Care, Music therapy, Personal/Hygiene Care, Outings, and companionship. We are dedicated, timely, caring, and we make each client our number one priority. Our Care team understands the importance of caring for your loved ones, we are experienced with caring for seniors and the disabled, and we are compassionate and attentive to each and every. We provide inclusive care from our hearts without discrimination or judgment. Our service can be offered in the following environments, Home, Apartment, Mobile home park, or Assisted living facility or wherever service can be safely administered.

Please see our private care fees below.  In addition, we also have a special team that can be assigned to clients who qualify for paid In-Home Support Services sponsored by the State of California. For more information, please speak to one of our Outreach Coordinators.

Personal Care Services

We offer affordable (in-person/virtual) personal administration services such as drafting documents, form completion, reading letter/mail, bill pay service (to include check writing, account reconcillation, etc), bill/document organization, bank errands, grocery store trips, linen closet/desk organization,  etc.

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