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Hey There Parents!

In line with the goals of JN Outreach Foundation the Create the Conversation (CTC) Parents Program will empower parents and guardians within the community and offer them an opportunity to, shift energy, and evoke change by encouraging positive thinking, role modeling good decision making, bringing awareness to the power of effective communication, development/ enforcement of core values, capitalizing on life experiences, and introducing a renewed perspective on life via positive interactive workshops and wrap around services within their reach.

Create the Conversation Program Facts

Workshop Topics:

1) Communication/Conflict resolution 2) Self-Control 3) Verbal/body language 4) Healthy minds 5) Speaking with clarity 6) Importance of Boundaries 7) Importance of family time  and 8) Caring for individual social and emotions needs.

Our program:

  • Produces and delivers Interactive, fun, supportive, and engaging workshops.

  • Provides an environment that encourages personal organization and time management.

  • Inspires participants to be respectful and creative regarding self- expression.

  • Is the sounding board for parents.

  • Is inclusive and sensitive towards all genders, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and economic status.

  • Helps participants be better citizens, community members, and overall better people.

Expected/desired Results:

  • Expose participants to information/resources related to effective communication and how to apply it to their future success.

  • Family centered thinking/behaviors

  • Create/inspire independent thinking

  • Learning the importance of accountability/support system

  • Reach community members from various backgrounds who are seeking to improve their family situation, increase employment opportunities and expand their future opportunities.

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