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Many people struggle with time; be it finding time, making time, having time, or how to use time. Most young people find themselves busy with school, family, social activity or employment. This 30-day journey will allow you to make time for time. If you make the commitment to read a page each day and do the exercises, day by day you will find that you do have time and you will begin to look forward to the time alone. You will be able to connect or reconnect with God, you can spend time in prayer or learn to pray, you will be able to read the parts of Bible that apply to you, and lastly you can use this time to encourage yourself and monitor your own personal or spiritual growth.


Self-acknowledgement, Self-awareness, and Self-appreciation are three qualities that are vital to spiritual and human growth. We believe that by focusing on these three areas you will learn to set goals and aim for achievement not just in this 30-Day Journey but in life as well.

Rejuvenation of Mind, Body, and Soul for Teens

  • Each book is stored and shipped form our smoke/pet free studio. In addition your book is individually wrapped  by hand once you place your order. 

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