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Session 6: (6.25.22)
Emotions, Self Expression & Music

We started the morning with hygiene and the importance of frequently cleaning sheets, pillow cases, & towels. This led to a conversation on cleaning your living space as well as your mind.

We shifted to Mrs. Pamela Knight who brought our attention to our emotions and how we often misplace or incorrectly express our feelings or reactions. We talked about real life situations and discussed alternative ways to express ourselves while being aware of the feelings of others.

LB Muzac (Leonard Bailey) presented information on song writing, making music with the use of technology and the importance of being true to your talent or gift.

While it sounds like three separate topics the connection was the emotion, self expression, and mental health that tied the three together.

We ended with a short walk to Tato when we filled our tummies with tacos and burritos.


Thank you to LaTasha, Cloteal, & Rich for your role, your commitment & push to power the mission!

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